ISO Class 4


Professionally served by volunteers!

Sherman, IL

Division 48
  I Am Responding

2014 Run Totals
Call Type Total
 Fire  23
 EMS  92
 Other  67
Grand Total 182

Previous Year's Runs
2013 Run Totals
Call Type Total
 Fire  37
 EMS  274
 Other  136
Grand Total 447

Welcome to Sherman Fire Protection District!


The Sherman Fire Protection District's membership is comprised of men and women from Sherman, Illinois and nearby areas, who volunteer their time and efforts to ensure the safety of others. The volunteers provide for the personnel, leadership, and management functions of the Sherman Fire Protection District.

The District is a unit of local government as determined by the Illinois Codified Statutes. The District provides all equipment and funds necessary for the volunteers through its taxing powers and is administered by a Board of Trustee, which is appointed by the Sangamon County Board.

The primary mission of the Sherman Fire Protection District is to provide fire protection and fire prevention services to all residents in the Sherman Fire Protection District.

The secondary mission includes providing Basic Life Support, non-transport medical services, light and medium rescue, and supporting the community in times of natural and manmade disasters.


01/08/2014 - The holidays are past and we are moving full speed into 2014! The Sherman Fire Protection District hopes everyone was safe and will continue to be safe. With winter conditions and unusually low temperatures, we would like to provide a reference for working in the cold. Please visit this OSHA Information for working in the cold temperatures. Stay safe in these frigid conditions!

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Sherman Fire Protection District
2215 East Andrew Rd
Sherman, IL 62684
Phone: (217) 496-2213

Emergency Contact: 911

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